Astragale was created in Cabo San Lucas in 2015 with the purpose of satisfying the need of the textile market for uniforms. We are a forefront company focused on the specific requirements of each client. This is why we are concerned about offering the clothing that best suit the identity of your company.

We currently market customized designs to the hotel industry and we are venturing into the government level in order to cover the needs of other sectors.


To provide all types of uniforms with the best quality at the best price, complying delivery times and offering a first class service to our customers.


We seek to be a leading company in the market, which is why we plan to open a maquiladora within three years, allowing us to optimize processes and as a consequence, bring greater benefits to our clients and company.






We have executive, corporate and heavy use clothing lines. Our main products are: Hotel uniforms such as shirts, blouses, work-shirts, work-coats, caps, hats, aprons, bow ties, ties, medical coats, polo shirts, etc.

We distinguish ourselves by adapting to the needs of our customers, since we offer design options for your business. If your employees do not have a uniform, we offer a personalized service when designing the garment that best suits the identity of your company.